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Artasil Grup

Artasil Group is one of the main Turkish manufacturer of hot dip galvanized steel street lighting poles, decorative poles, Led fixtures, Led projectors, flag poles, tubular poles, camera poles, high mast poles, stadium poles, energy transmission line poles, traffic lighting poles, overhead poles, metro line poles and GSM poles.


Our entire production process from design to after-sale is flexible and responsive to meet technical and architectural needs of each client and project. Our products are designed by our creative and innovative designers .All statically calculations are done by our experienced engineers.


Artasil Group has expanded its market with it is major business strategy by targeting world market and doing exports to public contractors, private industrial and civil work projects.


Our products are internationally recognized and today Artasil Group exports to more than 23 countries. Across the world, countless roads, airports, stadiums, shopping centers and towns are lighted by Artasil Group. 



To provide more professional working possibilities to all elements contributing to success in the belief that development is only possible by the whole shebang of suppliers, customers and human resources.


For permanent and consistent development, we believe in the necessity of mutual sensibility in supplier – customer relationship and to keep providing products and service in international level quality. 


To contribute to the sector in international level by meeting the expectations of our customers in international level in our entire field of activities and by internalizing continuous development model.


Craftsmanship and experience plays a vital role in our business, to achieve this role Artasil Group employees a team of highly motivated and experienced Project Coordinators, Project Managers, Engineers, Architect’s, Certified Welders, Operators and qualified workers. 


Artasil Group is constantly striving towards new innovations and improvements. Our research and development department is mainly focusing on developing our manufacturing process and production quality.


Confidence, respect and long standing relationships are the bases of our companies’ values. To achieve these values we focus on high quality. Our products have been tested in international credited laboratories for quality and safety standards.


Artasil Group is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, CE and GOST-R for quality of goods and their compliance with certain standards.


Artasil Group is also sensible on environmental issues and for health and safety. For that reason is also certified with ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

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